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Workout Of the Day

  • Wednesday 5/17/17

    Warm UpCoaches ChoiceStrengthShoulder Press ProgramSeated DB Press (5x5 Heavy)WOD3 Rounds of Run 400m21 KB Swings12 Pull Ups

  • Monday 5/15/17

    Warm UpCoaches ChoiceStrengthBack Squat ProgramFront Squat (find a 1 rep max for the day)WODBarbell Cycling 10 min E2MOM5 Power Cleans 155/955 Front Squats5 Push Jerks

  • Wednesday 5/10/17

    WARM UP Coaches ChoiceStrengthBench Press ProgramDB Press (3x8 Increase Each Set)Barbell Row (5x5 Heavy)WOD21-15-9Thrusters 135/95HR Push UpsPull UpsWall Ball "V" ups 20/14

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