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Workout Of the Day

  • Tuesday 2/21/17

    Warm upCrossover Symmetry Pull up Program10 Cals A.A. BikePOWER/STRENGTHPush Press ProgramThruster (work to a heavy 1 Rep)WOD5 rounds for Time5 Thrusters 95/6510 Wall Balls 20/145 Chin Ups10 Push Ups

  • Monday 2/20/17

    WARM UPCrossover Symmetry 10 Cals A.A. BikeChin Up ProgramPOWER/ STRENGTH\Bench Press (5 sets Max Reps @ 135#)WOD10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Reps ofPush Press 95/65Pull UpsAb Mat Sit UpsKB Swings 50/35

  • Tuesday 1/31/17

    Warm UpCrossover Symmetry Chin Up Program20 Cals A.A. BikeStrengthBench Press ProgramWOD7 min AMRAP3 Clean n Jerk 135/953 Toes to Bar6 Clean n Jerk6 Toes to Bar9 Clean n Jerk9 Toes to Bargo up by three each round until clock expires.

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